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Hobby Business

Some of us have hobbies, but it’s because of our job that we can’t just be an entrepreneur and start our own company. If you like doing certain things, you could turn it into a business. Let’s look at some hobby businesses that are doing well in Singapore.


When you think of cookies does Famous Amos come first to your mind. Not really, Singaporeans are looking everywhere else for cookies, muffins, cakes and brownies for trying out or to give as gifts to friends, relatives and clients. If you like baking and make pastries which your friends crave for every time you show them, all you need is to work on the pretty packaging and you could have some business for all the special occasions. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and more.


I’ve met friends who likes to do Gundam models, Warhammer models and models of superheroes. Working on these figurines could take days or weeks. Crafting and painting is tedious yet there are people who just love working on them and then either keeping it or selling them. If you’re good at crafting those models and willing to sell some of those models, you’ve got business. I’ve also met a lady who creates her own birthday packages and cards. People pay her to decorate presents or make special cards for peoples’ birthday.


My wife likes Muay-Thai, not to the extent of wanting to spar, so we’ve looked for gyms that coach Muay-Thai. The things we’ve noted about the owners of these gyms is that they themselves love the sports and opened the gyms because they like training people. Some of them can even show you the serious injuries they’ve gotten from sparring. Yikes!

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