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The Emperor’s New Clothes

Starting a business and you need a #website?

So, you search online for a #website developer. Give the developer an idea of your company and the #website look. After a week or two you see the website and request some adjustments. Then after another week your website is up. Congratulations. But there won’t be any issues? How would you know? To you the website seems okay.

I once had a friend who had a service office. He had the website done for him by the developer according to what he wanted. After a few weeks, the website was completed and he occasionally checked to reply for any enquires people would have about his service office. No enquiries. One day one of his friends called him. His friend was laughing while asking him about the design of the website. His friend asked him to check out another website. The designs were quite similar. The website was for a sleazy nightclub in the red-light district.

While you think a website should look a certain way, what you need is a website designer to advice you how your website should look like. Website developers will not necessarily advice you on website design. On top of that we recommend our customers’ websites to be developed on a secure hosting platform to prevent hacking and minimise the hassle of frequent updates. We also ensure that your website is mobile responsive for handphones and tablets.

Get Connected

If you need a website done, do consider ZAD. You wouldn’t want to feel as embarrassed as The Emperor in story of the title mentioned.

Let’s have a coffee at our cozy office and chat! Whatsapp us at 8779 1502 for an appointment!

With ZAD, We Power Your Imagination!

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