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Event Octopus

Organising an #event? It is surely not easy.

Organising an event? It is surely not easy. There’s the venue, the timing, the invitation, the itinerary and a whole lot more things. I could write an article simply based on that. If the event was small and only consisted of around 10 people attending it, an individual can plan, manage and execute it, though it would still require a lot of effort.

What about bigger events? It would require a group of people to work together to get the event going. Sometimes, an event would be too important that they engage an event organiser to do most of the work.

Well then, what does ZAD have to do with events? Doesn’t ZAD only do design work? No, our company does more than that. We have always helped at events. From video shooting, taking photos, designing items, purchasing souvenirs, printing, doing videos, getting manpower and more. So, if your company is running an event or you are from an event organising company running an event, don’t be an event octopus. You only have 2 arms, not eight. You can always consider delegating some of the work to us. Thank you.

Let’s have a coffee at our cozy office and chat! Whatsapp us at 8779 1502 for an appointment!

With ZAD, We Power Your Imagination!

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